Building Blocks – Episode 2 – Cake Topper

Good day fellow minifigs!  Spring is here, summer is right around the corner, and right now for me, it’s wedding season.  I’m getting married this weekend!   I wanted to incorporate my love of LEGO into my wedding, and while LEGO does make a wedding cake topper set, I wanted to build one that is MOC.  The cake itself is… Read more »

PF & 9V Hybrid Locomotive

  Update 3/23/17: 2133 has successfully completed a few trial runs, though more are needed to understand how it will perform with a full consist and over different grades.  So far, it’s only been tested on a flat grade under minimal load.  The IR regulator, while slightly recessed, still seems nicely responsive to the remote control, though the hybrid electrical system itself had a… Read more »

Building Blocks – Episode 1 – Storage Silo

Greetings fellow minifigs!  This is the first session of Building Blocks, where we at FortLUG would like to showcase some of our building techniques and give step-by-step instructions on how to build useful things that you might be able to incorporate into your own LEGO layout.  We’d like to make this a new recurring series, so… Read more »