Welcome to the FortLUG website!  FortLUG is a group of adult LEGO enthusiasts based in and around the northeast Indiana area.  We all have different backgrounds but we all share a love of those little plastic bricks of awesome.  If it is LEGO, we are all about it.  We build all the things and do not hold one LEGO genre above another.  From cities and trains to pirates and castles, and everything in between, if you build it with LEGO bricks, it is welcome here.  LEGO is a very versatile modeling medium that can be used for recreation, learning, and a number of other things.  Our goal is to encourage those things in our community.

FortLUG was formed in the fall of 2013 after a few of the founding members crossed paths at a LEGO expo in Fort Wayne.  If you share our passion for LEGO and want to get involved, drop us a line.  Use the Contact Us or Join links at the top right.  Nothing but good fun and creative building await!

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