Building Blocks – Cake Topper

Good day fellow minifigs!  Spring is here, summer is right around the corner, and right now for me, it’s wedding season.  I’m getting married this weekend!   I wanted to incorporate my love of LEGO into my wedding, and while LEGO does make a wedding cake topper set, I wanted to build one that is MOC.  The cake itself is even going to have a brick pattern formed into part of the icing, so my custom topper will fit nicely.

Brick list:
16 1×1 round tiles, light stone gray
12 1×1 tiles w/ vertical clip, green
10 1×1 round plates w/ flower petals, pink
10 1×1 round plates w/ flower petals, lavender
8 1×1 round plates w/ flower petals, orange
12 1×1 plates, white
4 1×1 round bricks, green
8 1×1 bricks, white
13 1×1 bricks w/ side stud, white
2 1×2 tiles, white
4 1x3x2 arches, white
2 1×4 tiles, white
2 1×6 plates, white
6 4-stud rods, white
1 2×2 plate w/center stud, white
2 2×3 plates w/ round end & coupler hole, red
1 2×6 plate, white
4 6″ string w/ grips, green
4 flower stalks, green
2 bushes, green
1 8×16 brick, green (or comparable to use as a base)
Total brick count:  124 (plus bride/groom minifigs)

Step 1

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Start by arranging the 16 1x1 round tiles in an alternating pattern down the center of the 8x16 base to form the path.