At Work On The LEGO Railroad

FortLUG was recently a proud participant in this year’s Great Train Show.  This annual event, held over the first weekend in December here in Fort Wayne, draws hobbyists and the public from across the country to experience the nostalgic romance of railroading.  FortLUG had a popular display again this year, which featured ten LEGO trains sharing an approximately 65 ft main line through our brick city.  Traffic on our railroad was heaviest on Sunday afternoon and peaked at three trains running at once, but most of the time only two trains were running simultaneously.  Of course, there were also a few wrecks with that many trains in operation, but nothing that couldn’t quickly be rebuilt.  It is LEGO after all!  Check out the photo gallery below, then head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages to watch a video of our layout in operation.  Thank you to all the FortLUG members who made this display possible by contributing models, helping setup, or operating the layout.