Sweets So Geek Movie Night, Then Brickworld

On October 12-13th, the Grand Wayne Center will once again be filled with LEGO creations from local and regional enthusiasts as Brickworld, the premier LEGO expo of the Midwest, comes back to the Fort for another show. FortLUG has been preparing for this event for the past several months now and we’re excited to show off what we’ve been building. Be prepared for multiple FortLUG display islands featuring new and expanded exhibits.

Dessert Before Dinner

Trevor’s Junction, an interactive train switching game, will be part of the City layout.

As a pre-Brickworld bash, FortLUG will be at the Sweets So Geek movie night on Saturday, October 5th, at their new store in Georgetown Square. Sweets So Geek will set up their portable movie screen in the parking lot and FortLUG will provide LEGO activities. The fun starts at 6PM, with the scheduled movie The Addams Family (1991) starting at 7:30PM. This will be Sweets So Geek’s last movie night of the season, so come out and enjoy some fall family fun while you still can!

New Display Tables For Brickworld And Beyond

As we planned for this year’s Brickworld expo, we decided that we wanted to construct our own tables to better serve our displays’ needs. The tables provided by the Grand Wayne Center aren’t in the best condition, so we wanted tables that would be easier to work with. Our tables are sized according to the dimensions of a standard LEGO baseplate, built with adjustable legs that are lower to the floor to make it easier for kids to see, and modular so we can re-arrange them for different displays. We’ve spent the past couple weekends building and painting them to be ready in time for the show. Check out our handiwork in the gallery below, then be sure to come see us at Brickworld in a couple weeks.