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    At the last meeting I talked with a couple of you about wanting to do a building with a mezzanine and walkway that provides access from the front of the building to the street on the other side. Here is a photo from the area in Arizona that I have in mind. The building I’m interested in is the one that contains Superstition Meadery. I like how there is a parking lot behind that set of buildings. For a busy downtown area, the additional parking is quite welcome. Luke and I would also like to build a parking garage eventually, but I do like the open parking too.

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    Any thought to the vehicle parking lifts that were popular in the 30s?
    Some Asian countries still use them.

    As far as a walk way it’s basically a bridge so if you built two “modulars” with a enclosed walkway on the third floor. Basically have it be it’s own part that clicks on and off. Might be worth while to build it so it looks like a balcony if the bridge isn’t in place by adding a railing piece instead of the bridge.



    Is this for a potential BWFW City layout this year?

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