Lincoln Elementary Science Fair 2013

Lincoln Elementary School recently held their annual science fair and Kathy, a FortLUG member, had a display at the event.  Among some of the other groups who participated were Science Central and Phil’s Hobby Shop.  Other FortLUG members were also there and helped make the event a success since some other groups had to cancel because of the weather.  All who were involved had a great time and there were many happy elementary schoolers!  Check out Kathy’s and Diane’s pictures from the event.

2 Replies to “Lincoln Elementary Science Fair 2013

    1. This event was so excieting, We were able to interact with the children,one on one by allowing them to touch and use thier imaginations to create within the Lego Town display. Nancy Kaywood stated more then 700 children were paraded through. Wow not wonder we were so tired!

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