FortLUG Planning for Brickworld FW

20140608145723_1024x768FortLUG has been spending these last few weeks of spring productively by focusing on Brickworld Fort Wayne 2014.  Last fall’s show was the largest Brickworld Fort Wayne display to date and FortLUG is planning on being a part of the show again this year.  Interested FortLUG members and newcomers alike are encouraged to come to the planning meeting next Wednesday, June 18, at 6:30PM in the Business and Technology meeting room at the main ACPL branch downtown.

The wheels are already turning on a combined group display, so come out and be a part of the discussion!  Individual displays are welcome.  The table is still open for new ideas and suggestions on how to make the show this year even more epic than it was last year.  Please take some time to look at – and perhaps be inspired to build by – some of the things that are going to be included in the FortLUG display.