Brickworld Fort Wayne 2015

Everyone, meet Sean.

Hey everyone!  My name is Sean and I’m a friend of Geoff’s.  I recently visited Brickworld Fort Wayne 2015 and had a blast!  The people were nice there and they didn’t hesitate to answer my questions.  I took a bunch of pictures and would like to share them with you while I wait for the bus to arrive.  There was so much there to see and not enough battery power in my camera to possibly capture everything, but I managed to get some good shots for the Internet.  I’m going to take you on a guided tour through a room full of all kinds of awesome LEGO creations; from trains and cities to mosaics and million-piece battleships, and everything in between.  So let’s get started and hopefully we’ll be able to get through it all before I have to go.  Hover your mouse cursor over each image for my description or click the Show Thumbnails link to scroll and read at your own pace.  I hope you like what you see!  I know I did and I know everyone worked hard on their displays.